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The e-gate? software is a secure, reliable and scalable end-to-end solution
Tawasul and Elnefeidi Group in Sudan, joined forces and formed Sahil to be the leading e-payments company in Sudan and Africa
Customers are opting for many types of prepaid services and the convenience offered by electronic purchases in a multitude of retail locations
Paperless transactions are gaining popularity around the world as they reduce costs, increase customer retention and allow for effective competition.



Sahil Electronic Services Co. Ltd. is a limited liability company that was established in 2009, as a joint venture between Tawasul Electronic Network Solutions - Oman, which is experienced in the IT sector and RAIBA Land Trans Ltd, a member of Elnefeidi Group in Sudan, with a vision to be the leading electronic payment distribution and collection solutions company in Sudan and Africa.

Sahil is headquartered in the Republic of Sudan and is a strong believer in local community-business interaction. We made a strategic choice to deliver products and services of high quality, which fulfil our mission statement.
Sahil is a pioneer in introducing new innovative products and services to the region. We design, develop and implement electronic distribution and collection solutions. We employ the latest technology in developing scalable, portable and extremely modular solutions. Sahil offers solutions designed to address the prepaid and post-paid market demands for convenience, solving security issues, distribution availability and collection challenges.

Our operation in Sudan will focus on distributing prepaid e-POS terminals and facilitating the availability and convenience of the prepaid e-vouchers to Sudan’s valuable dealers and end-users.

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