Did You Know ?
The e-gate? software is a secure, reliable and scalable end-to-end solution
Tawasul and Elnefeidi Group in Sudan, joined forces and formed Sahil to be the leading e-payments company in Sudan and Africa
Customers are opting for many types of prepaid services and the convenience offered by electronic purchases in a multitude of retail locations
Paperless transactions are gaining popularity around the world as they reduce costs, increase customer retention and allow for effective competition.



eGate© is Tawasul's proprietary software and cutting edge solution. eGate© is the central management unit controlling all aspects of the system solution. The eGate© software is a secure, reliable and scalable end-to-end solution fulfilling the prepaid and post-paid electronic payment needs of our clients. It is also a dynamic reporting engine with a user friendly and sophisticated administration console.

eGate© system architecture is made up of the following components:

Interface and Online Service
This is the interface between the devices and the database, which can be implemented on the following POS devices: Smart client POS terminal, Mobile POS, Desktop POS and a Web POS Interface.

The interface is easy to deploy and install on most platforms. It minimises the percentage of errors, as it is a log-based system.

Reporting Tool
A dynamic reporting engine communicating with the database and retrieving results in a portable format. Comprehensive, detailed reports as well as simple, everyday reports are generated easily in many different formats. Our reporting engine also acts as an accounting system, reflecting both accounts receivable and payable in an accurate manner.

Administration Console
A very intuitive and smart interface with minimal configuration required from the client's side. Our Admin console is easy to navigate through without any complications.

Security Platform
A secure platform delivered over our robust and secure network. Data is encrypted between the POS terminal or interface and the online service using DES encryption algorithm.

POS Interface
A menu driven interface with a clear message structure. Sub-menus provide a systematic and structured user experience. Each operation has its on menu and is isolated and easily distinguishable from the other available services. Our system also supports various connectivity methods such as Offline mode, GPRS, WiFi, CDMA, GSM and Dial-up.

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