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The e-gate? software is a secure, reliable and scalable end-to-end solution
Tawasul and Elnefeidi Group in Sudan, joined forces and formed Sahil to be the leading e-payments company in Sudan and Africa
Customers are opting for many types of prepaid services and the convenience offered by electronic purchases in a multitude of retail locations
Paperless transactions are gaining popularity around the world as they reduce costs, increase customer retention and allow for effective competition.

Online Top Up

Online Top Up

Online top-up is a pin-less electronic top up system that provides real-time top up of prepaid mobile airtime at the point of sale, without issuing any PINs or passwords.

Customers can purchase prepaid air time at mobile agents using standard mobile handsets as the distribution device with a fixed or variable amounts. This will eliminate PIN hidden numbers generation errors and POS costs and guarantee stock supply in the distribution network thus increasing the availability of the prepaid top up.

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